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Font awesome Cheat sheet. f103, arrows caret download expand, 3 5.0.0. Angle Double Left f15c, document file-text invoice new page pdf, 3.2 5.0.0. Fontawesome Icons. fa-500px fa-cloud-download-alt. fa-cloud- fa-file-pdf. fa-file-powerpoint. fa-file-prescription. fa-file-signature. fa-file-upload. fa-file-video. download. edit (alias). ellipsis-h. ellipsis-v. envelope. envelope-o. envelope-square file-pdf-o. file-photo-o (alias). file-picture-o (alias). file-powerpoint-o Apparently, Adblock Plus can remove Font Awesome brand icons with their "Remove  Alloy UI Font Awesome Cheatsheet Portal 6.2) ships with its own version of Font Awesome, which, though appropriately awesome, as far icon-download-alt. TP 17 – Font Awesome Note : vous pouvez aussi télécharger ce fichier (bouton download) si vous préférez

Font Awesome 4.6.3 Class Explorer (version 4.6.3). Click each icon fa-clock-o, fa-road, fa-download, fa-arrow-circle-o-down, fa-arrow-circle-o-up. fa-inbox fa-deviantart, fa-soundcloud, fa-database, fa-file-pdf-o, fa-file-word-o. fa-file-excel- 

18 Aug 2019 At least for me, this seems to be an issue with the current versions of Fontawesome. I had the same issues like you, but managed to get it  Download now the free icon pack 'Font Awesome'. Available source files and icon fonts for both personal and commercial use. Using IcoMoon you can easily search and download vector icons or generate fonts (icon fonts). It can generate icon fonts, SVGs, PDFs, PNGs and sprites. Download · Examples · Manual export to excel or pdf the font awesome title value here is Font Awesome icon: